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Puppies can often be very fun to play with, and they can really lift your spirits. However, if you want to do your job responsibly as the fur baby’s parent, you’ll have to figure out how to house train your pup so that he/she will not have any issues when wanting to go potty, establishing a good eating schedule and learning to go out at certain intervals.

First, make sure you establish a strict feeding schedule and take away the food between meals to reinforce the lesson. Also, make sure you show your pup any areas that are off limits and give them a treat each time they remember it – like each time they want to jump up onto the furniture but they stop themselves.Puppy training - puppy diapers

To get started potty training your pup, you can potty train your pup by taking him/her out first thing in the morning and then about once an hour until he/she learns the specific spot and figures out what to do. To help things along, you’ll have to clearly designate a potty area, have your puppy stand by the back door as a cue that he/she wants to go potty and make sure you take proper measures when you’re busy or not at home. When you leave the house, consider using disposable puppy diapers to minimize puppy accidents on your hardwood or carpeted floors.

Puppies thrive on affection and positive reinforcement. So make sure you engage with them and have lots of fun together while learning and playing. Sooner than you think, your puppy will figure out the right spot each time, and learn to respect all the schedules and off-limits areas like a pro.