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remove cat urine from carpet

It doesn’t happen always, but when it does happen, you’re faced with a difficult situation. Your cat just peed on the carpet, and the stain is getting dry, but it’s also getting smellier by the minute. So what can you do? Teaching your kitty to use the litter box might have backfired for the moment, but that’s really not the issue here, since she will learn eventually.

The issue is that very few things can remove cat urine from carpet, and some might consider your carpet to be compromised in this situation. Thankfully, that’s really not the case. Look at products from Planet Urine for the best results.

For a diy attempt, baking soda, a natural deodorizer, can be used to contain this problem to some extent. All you have to do is sprinkle some baking soda onto the stain and work it a little bit into the rug. Then just let it stay like that overnight and vacuum it up in the morning. You’ll find that most of the odor will be gone, and you won’t have to throw out your carpet.

What’s even better is that this method can effectively be used on older, dry stains as well. The trick is to make the baking soda enter deeper into the fabrics of your rug.