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 Litter box training - removing cat urine stains from hardwood floors

A lot of new parents have issues with training their kittens to use the litter box. If you had a small kitten before, you probably already know how much work it was to teach her to go to her box when it was time to go, and many can also attest to all the litter they had to scrape off the carpet or the floor before their fur baby learned what to do.

Although sooner or later every kitten will follow her instinct, it could be a good idea to speed things along a bit:

  • Start by setting up the litter box somewhere where the kitten will feel comfortable as well as protected. Don’t put it in an open space, but make sure that she can easily get to the litter box even if she’s in a hurry.
  • Instead of buying scented kitty litter from the start and risking your kitten not liking it, you’ll find it’s usually better to start with an unscented type. Then you can work your way from there to figure out exactly what kind of kitty litter your little one will enjoy the most.
  • Use treats and toys to attract your kitty towards her litter box. Sometimes she might feel apprehensive or nervous about it, so it’s always a good idea to break the ice using her favorite toy or a tasty treat.

If your kitty misses their litter box, never fear. There are some great products for removing cat urine stains from hardwood floors at Planet Urine. And know that your kitty will eventually learn to use the litter box effectively!