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Important Reasons to Use Dog Diapers


When it comes to diapers, the old saying, “if you seen one, you’ve seen them all,” holds true. They may be used at the beginning of life or at the end. However, no matter when they are used, they are normally utilized as an indispensable tool to deal with a variety of conditions including incontinence and mobility impairments. Diapers are used worldwide, because they are a safe and effective solution for people and yes, dogs!


What Are Dog Diapers?


In a basic sense, dog diapers are very similar to baby diapers. The main difference between the two is that dog diapers have an extra hole designed to safely fit around a dog’s tail. Just like baby diapers, there are two different types of dog diapers. There are dog diapers that are made out of cloth and disposable dog diapers.

In general, disposable dog diapers are easier to use. The main advantage of disposable dog diapers is that they are extremely easy to use given that clean up is negligible. In other words, by using disposable dog diapers you won’t have to worry about washing the diaper after each use. In addition, disposable dog diapers also tend to stay drier, which will be better for your dog’s skin. Learn more about our disposable dog diapers, you won’t be disappointed. Your dog will be comfortable and dry in no time!


Is It Safe to Put Diapers on a Dog?


Yes, dog diapers are completely safe when used as a means to prevent accidental soiling of a home. However, dog diapers should never be used as an alternative to natural bladder expression.

In order to avoid infection, a dog’s bladder needs to be completely emptied every 8 to 10 hours. In addition, soiled dog diapers should never be left on a dog for an extended period of time. Failure to remove a soiled dog diaper within a reasonable amount of time can result in skin irritation or urine scalding.


Why Would You Use Diapers on a Dog?


There are many reasons to consider using diapers on your dog. If your dog struggles with urinary incontinence, is approaching old age, is having accidents around the house, or is a puppy still learning to go to the bathroom outside, you may find a benefit to using dog diapers. You can also use dog diapers to care for a female dog in heat or a rescue dog that is being house trained for the first time in years.

Essentially, dog diapers are a terrific way to help older dogs gain independence and to help teach younger puppies to be house trained.


Urinary incontinence


There are a number of reasons why a dog may suffer from urinary incontinence. This can be a side effect of other medical issues such as diabetes or a bladder condition, or urinary incontinence can be caused by a urinary tract infection, a weakened sphincter muscle or general old age.

If you believe your dog is suffering from urinary incontinence, make sure to consult your veterinarian. While dog diapers will be an important part of the solution, your veterinarian will likely also suggest medications or surgical procedures to manage the condition.


Dog diapers for senior dogs


It is completely natural for your senior dog to struggle with controlling their bladder. If you own an older dog you may notice them also having increased trouble making it outside in time to relieve themselves. In some cases, an older dog’s ability to control their urges may continue to worsen with age. During the latter portions of a dog’s life, cognitive dysfunction can also cause accidents to occur.

In most cases, medications can help your senior dog deal with pain, bladder trouble and an inability to make it outside. However, diapers will also play a significant role in the rest of your dog’s life.


Dog diapers for house training


If you are trying to avoid having accidents in your home while house training a dog or puppy, dog diapers may be able to help. In this case, dog diapers should be a temporary solution for use until your puppy or dog is house trained.

Of course, you shouldn’t rely on dog diapers too much during the early stages of a dog’s life. If you do, you may have a hard time ever getting your puppy to stop having accidents in your home.


Female dog diapers for heat cycle


If you own a female dog who is approaching their heat cycle, you may need dog diapers as a means to avoid stains from bloody discharge. This fluid can stain carpets and furniture when your female dog is in heat.

In general, a female dog’s heat cycle will last two to three weeks. During this time, dog diapers can prevent their discharge from staining your home. Female dog diapers will also help deter male dogs from approaching your female to mate.


Dog diapers for rescue dogs


While you may think all adult dogs are house trained, a rescue dog may not be. There are a number of reasons why a rescue dog wouldn’t be house trained. Rescue dogs come from a variety of backgrounds including poor past homes or even the street. When a rescue dog enters a new home, it may also experience a lapse in training.

Dog diapers can help your newly rescued dog transition into life in your household. Dog diapers will also allow you time to properly train your new rescue dog and get them acclimated to their new home.


How to Use Dog Diapers


To properly use dog diapers you will need to focus on why you are implementing them into your dog’s routine. Are you looking to house train a puppy? Are you using diapers as a means to help an older dog?

If you are attempting to use dog diapers as a means to house train your pet, you may need to only use them at night when your dog commonly has accidents. Similarly, if you are using dog diapers as a means to address your female dog’s heat cycle, you will only have to use them for the two to three weeks when they are in season.


Check sizing to fit dog diapers


When selecting diapers for your dog, make sure to follow our product sizing instructions carefully to choose the perfect fit for your dog. You should select which product you need based on your dog’s measurements: waist, thigh, and torso length.

Male dogs will need a longer diaper to cover the penis, whereas female dogs won’t need as much length. If you are only concerned with containing urine, you may be able to use wraps or belly bands on your male dog.

To properly size your dog, measure your dog’s waist with a tape measure. Make sure to properly wrap the tape around your dog’s stomach. You should aim to measure near where the waist of the diaper will fall. On most dogs, this placement will be approximately two inches in front of the hips. When measuring for length, make sure to place the tape measure at the same location and measure back between your dog’s legs. You should then pull the tape measure over your dog’s tail and measure where it falls at the waist location on top of your dog. Ordering is fast and easy, you’ll have your dog in diapers in no time!


Using diapers on dogs with or without tails


Almost all dog diapers will have a hole cut out for your dog’s tail. If your dog doesn’t have a tail, or if it has a docked tail, a diaper with a hole may leak. To make sure this doesn’t happen, cover up the hole with tape. Another common strategy used on dogs with a docked tail is to use a disposable diaper underneath covered with a washable diaper. By using this strategy, you will be able to contain everything.


How to train your dog to wear a dog diaper


Most dogs will require some time before they get used to wearing a diaper. For the best and fastest results, make sure to introduce your dog to the diaper step by step. At first, simply lay the diaper on the ground and allow your dog to sniff the product. After your dog has become comfortable with the diaper on the ground, you should then slip it onto your dog for a few minutes. While your dog is wearing the diaper, make sure to offer him or her treats.

After about five minutes, take the diaper off and then repeat the same process a few more times while leaving the diaper on for increasing periods of time. If your dog isn’t rejecting the diaper, the process is working. However, it is important to understand that it can take some time to teach your dog to be comfortable with the diaper. If your dog doesn’t like the diaper at first, don’t get discouraged. Keep trying and make sure to offer them plenty of treats when the diaper is around. Ordering is fast and easy, you’ll have your dog in diapers in no time!


Make sure to change dog diapers frequently


While your dog is wearing diapers, you should make sure to check for signs of urination frequently. If your dog has to go to the bathroom often, you may need to change their diaper every two to three hours to prevent their skin from getting irritated. When changing your dog’s diaper, make sure to use baby wipes to soothe their skin and keep them clean.

As you and your dog use dog diapers more and more, you will get used to your dog’s habits. Before long, you will know exactly when you need to change their diaper. When your dog ventures into the backyard or you take them on walks, make sure to give them a break from wearing the diaper. This will allow your dog to go to the bathroom naturally when needed.

At Planet Urine, we pride ourselves on being a full-service resource for those who need help with their dog’s behavior issues. We offer some excellent products that can remove urine stains (and smells!) from virtually any surface. If you have any questions at all about our products or services feel free to call our 24 hour toll-free hotline at 888-286-ODOR (6367).

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