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The Ultimate Guide to Cat Diapers


While it may seem entirely mundane, the world of cat diapers is thoroughly interesting. Cat diapers are not only an indispensable tool utilized by cat owners all over the world, but cat diapers can also provide comfort and support to aging cats and young kittens alike. Our Disposable Cat Diapers are commonly used to help correct a cat’s behavior, battle incontinence, comfort mobility-impaired animals, and help with female cats in heat.


Keep reading as we explore more of the ins and outs of cat diapers. Along the way, we’ll explore how to know if your cat needs diapers, explain how cat diapers work, and teach you how to keep a diaper on your cat.


Without further ado, everything you wanted to know about cat diapers!


Does your cat need diapers?


Cat diapers are used by cat owners for a variety of reasons. If your feline friends have problems with incontinence, spraying, or territorial marking, cat diapers are the most effective solution you can use to protect your home. Cat diapers can also be used to assist cats with mobility impairments or for female cats in heat.


When using a cat diaper to combat incontinence, the right cat diaper will not only absorb all the urine your cat releases but it will also help deter your cat from urinating in the first place. Cats facing long-term medical problems can also wear cat diapers if they can no longer use their litter box comfortably. In this way, cat diapers can actually provide an aging cat comfort.


Cat owners with kittens can also use cat diapers to train their cat to use their litter box correctly. While most kittens will take to their litter box after a few weeks, cat diapers can prevent troublesome cats from spraying and marking around your home.


Do cat diapers work?


If you’re looking to prevent your cat from urinating and staining your home, cat diapers will work perfectly. As previously mentioned, cat diapers can even help deter your cat from urinating in the first place. Cat diapers also work as a means to help aging cats or ones with long-term medical problems or mobility impairments.


Cat diapers are the best solution when it comes to preventing your cat from staining your home. The best part is that PlanetUrine offers disposable cat diapers in a variety of sizes to fit your aging toms and playful kittens.

PlanetUrine’s Disposable Cat Diapers can also be used to protect your home from the stains associated with raising a female cat in heat.  A cat’s first heat happens when she is 6 to 10 months old. Her cycle usually lasts 4 to 5 days, and unless pregnant, her cycle will start again in 2 to 3 weeks.


Our cat diapers feature a leakproof fit, adjustable fasteners, comfort-fitting tail holes, and odor-eliminating fabric. Our disposable cat diapers are perfect for female cats in hear, aging cats with mobility impairments, cats battling incontinence, kittens learning to use their litter box.


How to keep a diaper on a cat


Due to their tight, leakproof fit and adjustable fasteners, our disposable cat diapers are easy to keep on a cat. PlanetUrine also offers disposable cat diapers in a variety of sizes to help owners find diapers for all their cats. Check our size guide on our disposable diaper page to find the right diapers for your feline pal.


After you purchase the right-sized diapers for your cat, you can easily put the diapers on your cat by following these simple steps:


  1. Place your cat’s tail through the comfort-fitting tail hole
  2. Drape the diaper around your cat’s torso and chest
  3. Connect and adjust the fasteners for a snug, leakproof fit
  4. Enjoy a urine-free and tidy home!


DIY cat diapers


Cat owners may decide to make their own DIY cat diapers out of a variety of materials including old t-shirts, towels, or even large disposable rags.


In some cases, DIY cat diapers can work well to deter cats from urinating and will absorb some urine. However, the most common problem with DIY cat diapers, is they hardly ever allow for a leak-proof fit. This means that the diaper may only absorb some of your cat’s urine. Or that the diaper will absorb urine just fine, but eventually leak urine as your cat moves through your home. If you think about it, this defeats the purpose of the diaper in the first place. Afterall, what cat owner only wants to stop some urine from staining their home?


Disposable cat diapers


Compared to DIY cat diapers, well-manufactured cat diapers will consistently prevent and absorb urine better. Our cat diapers feature a leak-proof fit, absorbent and odor-eliminating fabric, and adjustable fasteners.


If you’re looking to protect your home from cat urine or comfort your aging cat, don’t purchase just any cat diaper. Purchase the best cat diapers you can buy. Even better, our disposable cat diapers are affordable, easy to use and backed by excellent customer reviews. When you choose PlanetUrine, you choose products you can trust.


How often should you change a cat diaper?


If you’re using cat diapers on your cat consistently, you should make sure to change your cat’s diaper each time it is soiled. Obviously, if you are at work or otherwise out of the house, you may not be able to change your cat’s diaper right away. This is perfectly fine. Simply change your cat’s diaper within a few hours of it becoming soiled to avoid any negative effects.


If you forget to change your cat’s diaper for a significant amount of time, your cat may develop a urine rash or even urine burns on its skin. While either of these conditions normally only occur due to prolonged exposure to urine, it’s important to be mindful of how long your cat’s diaper has been soiled.


Can cats still poop with a diaper on?


Yes, cats can still poop while wearing a diaper. Wearing a diaper may deter your cat from pooping around the home, but if he/she needs to go, she still will. Cat diapers will prevent your cat’s feces from leaking out and staining your home. Cat diapers can also be an effective solution to prevent cats from scooting after defecating.


The World of Cat Diapers and All Things Pets


Now that we’ve discussed the ins and outs of cat diapers, hopefully you have learned all you need to know. PlanetUrine is your number-one source for affordable and high-quality pet products.


Through blog articles, such as this one or our Dog Diaper Guide, we hope to also provide pet owners with important information regarding the products we sell and how to effectively use them.


At Planet Urine, we pride ourselves on being a full-service resource for those who need help with their dog’s behavior issues. We offer some excellent products that can remove urine stains (and smells!) from virtually any surface. If you have any questions at all about our products or services feel free to call our 24 hour toll-free hotline at 888-286-ODOR (6367).

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The Ultimate Guide to Cat Diapers


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The Ultimate Guide to Cat Diapers


The Ultimate Guide to Cat Diapers


The Ultimate Guide to Cat Diapers