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Dog urine, while generally not considered as pervasive as cat urine, can still be a huge problem for dog owners. Dealing with housebreaking a puppy is hard enough, but if you ever had to deal with a full-grown dog who insists on urinating indoors, then you know well the stress of cleaning up dog urine. At Planet Urine, we understand your situation and have made it our business to help animal owners work through these problems.

The main things to remember when dealing with a persistent dog urination situation is that dog behavior is generally consistent. In other words, if your dog is urinating in your home consistently, then chances are there must be a stimulus that is causing his behavior. For instance, if you have recently moved into an older home and your previously housebroken dog starts urinating indoors, you might be facing a dog urine residue situation.

We sell a number of great dog urine cleanup kits here at Planet Urine each of which is sized according to the severity of the situation. For example, we have a “Basic Cleaning System” that is meant as a spot cleaning solution. This package is rated for a 200 square foot area, and it contains everything you need to clean up a small dog urine problem.

If you are facing a more serious dog urine problem, then we have larger kits available. We even have a “Bad Doggy Supreme” kit that can clean up to 900 square feet of room. This is a great package for those who need to clean up several rooms, and it even comes with a black light kit to help you pin point urine stains more effectively. We don’t stop at simply providing kits, however. We want to help our customers throughout the entire process and to that end we have 24 hour toll free hotline: 888-286-ODOR (6367).