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Urine out of concrete

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Urine Out Of Concrete

Concrete is designed to be a permanent building material. Unfortunately, when something stains concrete, the stain too can seem to be permanent. If you have concrete surfaces that have urine stains, you should know that there is a way to get them out. Here at Planet Urine we are stain-fighting professionals, and we can help you get a urine stain out of virtually any surface, including concrete. 

As far as the visible urine stain goes, UrineOut dry powder urine remover will successfully remove virtually any stain. You have to first pre-mist the stained area and then apply a good coating of UrineOut Powder. Then you must work the Powder into the surface area to make sure that it comes in contact with all of the urine crystals.

Once you have allowed the UrineOut Powder to do its job, then you can simply vacuum it up along with the stain it has soaked up. So far, we’ve only taken care of the visible stain of the urine. We still have the odor to contend with. Getting rid of the odor is a multi-staged affair when it comes to concrete. First, you will need to apply a product called Smells No-More! Odor Eliminator to the stained area a total of four times to ensure that the smell is entirely eliminated.

After you have done the proper Smells No-More! Odor Eliminator applications, you will need to seal in whatever odor might remain. You can do this by using a product called KILZ. KILZ is a sealant that when properly applied can cover up any and all odors. Finally, you will need to do one more application of Smells No-More! Odor Eliminator and then an application of a product called No-P! Housebreaking Aid. By following these steps exactly you can ensure that neither you nor your pet will be able to detect the odor of the urine, thus ensuring that there will not be a repeat incident. Our staff is always ready to answer your questions at our toll free hotline: 888-286-6367.

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Articles – Urine Out Of Concrete, Planet Urine


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Articles – Urine Out Of Concrete, Planet Urine


Articles – Urine Out Of Concrete, Planet Urine


Articles – Urine Out Of Concrete, Planet Urine