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How To Clean Pet Urine

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How To Clean Pet Urine

Cleaning up pet urine should not be considered one of the great mysteries of the modern age. Many of us have had to do urine cleanup work, but few of us have been completely successful. Fortunately the problem with standard pet urine cleanup is not so much about procedure as it is about the tools. 

Most of us have moved beyond just trying to cleanup a pet urine stain with standard soap and water. This method just simply does not work, and that is why the market is flooded with urine removers of every size shape and method. The problem with most of these urine removers is that they are liquid based. When you add liquid to dried or crystallized urine you only allow it to spread and potentially seep deeper into the already stained surface.

At Planet Urine we have a better solution. We utilize a revolutionary urine remover called UrineOut Powder. UrineOut Powder is a dry powder that you apply to the urine stain after you have pre-sprayed the area with a mister. The UrineOut Powder literally soaks up the urine crystals so that when you vacuum up the UrineOut Powder the stain gets vacuumed up as well.

It is important to use a new vacuum bag when you perform the urine removal process. This will insure that you get the maximum suction from your machine and that you remove all of the urine from the surface. It is also vital that you correctly pinpoint the exact stain. If you can only smell the urine, you might consider using a black light to locate the stain for removal. If you have any questions at all, please let our staff here at Planet Urine help you out. Our 24 hour toll free number is 888-286-ODOR (6367).

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