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The Story About Planet Urine

Created to Help Save Pet & Owner Relationships

"Anyone who has ever lived with a 'bad' pet knows what it's like to live on Planet Urine!"

Peter Hauer and Martha Hauer spent several years in the carpet cleaning business trying to answer the same question from their clients, "How do you permanently eliminate pet stains and odors?" After much research, Peter & Martha discovered a way to do just that by using a dry powder cleaning process.  Enter, UrineOut Powder...

"Anyone who has ever lived with a bad pet knows what it's like to live on Planet Urine," said Peter Hauer.

When pet stains and odors exist in floors, most people opt to buy new flooring. Peter Hauer and Martha Hauer found a way to restore carpet, hardwood floors, tile grout, etc., for a fraction of the cost to replace it.

Planet Urine Pet Specialist Headquarters

"Pets don't care whether you're on a fixed income or play for the Denver Broncos," said Peter Hauer. "They are going to pee in your house."

It was for that very reason that the Hauer's decided to market the products they used for restoring carpet and flooring with a "do-it-yourself" system at a much lower cost. Thus, the Prove-It Kit Cleaning System was created.

"You may not remember the name of the restaurant you ate at last year," said Peter Hauer. "But you will remember Planet Urine, especially if you have ever lived there."

The UrineOut Powder cleaning process for permanent urine removal that began in Colorado soon became very successful. Today, Planet Urine products are sold in pet stores, veterinary clinics, carpet cleaning companies and by private retailers throughout the United States. Orders placed through the internet are shipped to customers around the world.

In addition to marketing a guaranteed pet stain and odor removal system, Planet Urine offers many pet training products, including ultrasonic housetraining aids, animal repellents, a natural food supplement that helps prevent and eliminate lawn discoloration caused by your pet's urine.

Planet Urine Pet Specialist Hard at Work

By visiting the Planet Urine website, pet owners can also receive one-on-one consultation from a panel of highly specialized animal behaviorists.

At Planet Urine, consumers are provided with information about various stain and odor removal products and techniques, and they can chat live online to receive free expert help.