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Dog Pee

If you have any experience with dogs at all, then chances are you have had to clean up your fair share of dog pee. Simply put, accidents happen, and while they may be our best friends, dogs are just prone to urinating indoors at least sometime in their lives. There is no reason to fret about dog pee, however, if you make sure you are consistent with your dog pal and diligent about the cleanup process.

Dogs urinate indoors for a number of different reasons. Puppies of course are just learning the rules of the house, so until they are housebroken you can just expect accidents to occur. Some dogs, however, will still have accidents throughout their lives depending on their disposition.

Some dogs for example will pee as a submissive response. Perhaps if they are being scolded, or if they feel threatened. Some dogs will urinate as a response to fear "triggers" like the vacuum cleaner, or a thunderstorm. Whatever the reason, if your dog does pee in your home, you just have to make sure that you thoroughly clean up the urine so that there is not a repeat occurrence.

What starts out as an accident can end up reinforcing undesirable behavior. If a dog smells its urine in the household it will think that that is where he is supposed to urinate. At Planet Urine we have a number of multifaceted solutions to the "dog pee" situation. We have a team of experts on staff dedicated to helping good pet owners resolve their dog pee situation in the best possible way. We even have a 24 hour toll free hotline dedicated to answering any and all dog and cat behavior problems: 888-286-ODOR (6367).