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How to Keep a Diaper on a Dog (No Tail Required!)


Whether you own an active puppy or a spirited old dog, you are probably wondering how to keep your pet’s diaper securely fastened throughout the day.

We already know dog diapers are an effective strategy to potty train a puppy, assist an aging dog or keep a dog in heat from staining a home. However, dog diapers are only successful if they stay on the dog. Therefore, taking precautions to keep your pet’s diapers on is necessary to ensure that the diapers work effectively.

So, without further ado, keep reading to learn four tips to help keep your dog’s diapers from falling off. After discussing these tips, we will also discuss how to keep a diaper on a dog with no tail, how long you can keep a diaper on your dog, and how to keep diapers on a dog in heat.


4 Tips to Help Keep Dog Diapers From Falling Off


If your dog is not used to wearing a diaper, they will likely attempt to get them off by pulling or scratching. While your dog should become more comfortable with wearing a diaper over time,  there are a number of options to help keep dog diapers from falling off.

The most common solutions dog owners use are belly bands, dog suspenders and dog onesies. Before using any one of these solutions, you should make sure to purchase dog diapers in the proper size for your pet. We will look at the advantages of each of these solutions down below.

Offering your dog treats and positive reinforcement after every diaper change is also a natural way to make your dog more comfortable with their diaper.


Purchase dog diapers in the proper size


If your dog is comfortable wearing a diaper, you may only need to purchase diapers in the proper size to ensure their diapers stay on. When purchasing diapers for your dog, make sure to follow sizing instructions. All our products have sizing instructions to ensure our customers can easily choose the perfect fit for their dog.

When selecting a diaper size, make sure to have accurate measurements of your dog. You will need to measure your dog’s waist, thigh and torso length. If you are selecting diapers for a male dog you will need to select a longer diaper to cover their penis. Female dogs will not need as long of a diaper.

You can use a tape measure to easily size your dog. Start by wrapping the tape around your dog’s stomach to measure their waist. This measurement should be made near where the waist of your dog’s diaper will fall. The placement of this measurement should be roughly two inches in front of your dog’s hips. Next, measure your dog’s length by placing the tape in the same location and then measuring back between your dog’s legs. Finally, measure over your dog’s tail back to the waist location to record your dog’s torso length.


Use a belly band


If your dog is still having trouble keeping their well-sized diaper on, you may find a belly band helpful. A belly band is a thick strap that wraps around a dog’s waist. Belly bands are normally secured around a dog with velcro at each end.

Belly bands can help keep a dog’s diaper secure, even if they are extremely active. If you are using a belly band on a male dog, you will need to make sure it is positioned high enough to cover their penis.


Use dog suspenders


Similar to a belly band, dog suspenders can be used to keep a dog’s diaper in place. Like suspenders on a human, most dog suspenders attach to your dog’s torso with a combination of buckles and velcro straps.

Dog suspenders are the best option to secure a diaper on an active dog. Well positioned and sized dog suspenders will keep your dog’s diaper in place even if it is jumping and playing.


Dress your dog in a onesie


Dressing your dog in a onesie is another option to help keep their diaper from falling off. If your dog is small enough, you may be able to use a baby onesie. However, several manufacturers also make onesies and other garments for dogs. By dressing your dog in a onesie, you will be able to secure your dog’s diaper under the garment.


How to Keep a Diaper on a Dog With No Tail


If your dog doesn’t have a tail, you can use dog suspenders or a belly band to help keep their diaper secured. You can also purchase dog diapers that do not have a tail hole. These dog diapers are specifically designed for dogs without a tail and will provide additional security.

If you are having trouble even keeping these diapers on your dog, you may want to give dog suspenders a try. Dog suspenders are the best choice for dogs without a tail. These suspenders will attach to your dog’s diaper and help keep the diaper secured even while your dog is jumping and playing.


How Long Can a Dog Keep a Diaper On?


In general, your dog can wear dog diapers throughout the day. However, you will need to change your dog’s diaper shortly after it urinates to avoid infection. If your dog is urinating frequently, you will need to change its diaper within two or three hours.

If your dog’s diaper is left on for a prolonged period of time after your dog urinates, your dog could develop an infection. Failure to change your dog’s diaper after urination may also cause your dog to develop irritated skin. To help soothe your dog’s skin, use baby wipes during every diaper change.


How to Keep a Diaper on a Dog in Heat


Keeping a diaper on a dog in heat is similar to keeping a diaper on any other dog. You should first make sure to purchase the proper size of diapers. Next, you can utilize a belly band or dog suspenders to keep their diaper in place throughout the day. When using dog diapers on a female dog in heat, make sure to change their diaper periodically to avoid infection.

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How to Keep a Diaper on a Dog, Planet Urine


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How to Keep a Diaper on a Dog, Planet Urine


How to Keep a Diaper on a Dog, Planet Urine


How to Keep a Diaper on a Dog, Planet Urine