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Carpet and upholstery staining can be a big problem because of the cost of furniture items and carpets. If your pet stains your brand new carpet, you might end up having to buy a new one, especially if the carpet was meant for special guest rooms or festive events.carpet cleaning pet urine removal products

Removing pet stains can be done as long as the pet stain is still recent. Older ones might still be removable, but you will need the support of a skilled carpet cleaning pet urine removal expert to do it, and they might also need some special cleaning substances to be able to pull it off.

Cleaning your carpet and upholstery and removing pet stains that are fresh can be done quite easily using a simple solution of water, vinegar and baking soda mixed with a dash of carpet cleaning solution. This mixture, when applied on the stain can help soften the dirt particles, and then you can remove them with a sturdy brush without damaging your carpet.

Alternatively, if the method doesn’t work, or you feel that you want a more thorough job; or if the carpet is very expensive and you want to make absolutely certain that you won’t damage it, then it’s a good idea to call a professional carpet cleaner to help take care of it.