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The truth is that there really is no ‘trick’ per se to house training a dog. Dogs inherently want to please and be our ‘buddies’ and if you are consistent in your training, they will generally respond with consistently good behavior. With puppies the biggest ingredient to housebreaking success is good old fashioned patience.

Puppies are cute, and furry, and loveable, and simply prone to having accidents. They can’t help it. They have tiny bladders and they just don’t quite understand the rules of the household yet. Your job as a puppy owner is to help them out until they know what they are old enough to handle the responsibility themselves. The best way to communicate to a puppy that their behavior is good is through praise.

If you take your puppy outside often, chances are he will urinate and eliminate outside. This is your opportunity to let him know that he is doing his “business” in the right spot. You should always have his favorite treats on hand when you take him outside so that as soon as he has eliminated, you can reward him. Pretty soon he will associate positive results with eliminating outside.

The flip side to positive reinforcement is making sure that your puppy does not get confused and think that he should eliminate indoors. If he has an accident inside, there is no need to panic and frighten your puppy, but at the same time you should take care to clean the accident up so that he cannot smell his urine or feces indoors. If you have any questions about urine cleanup, or dog housebreaking in general please call our toll free hotline at 888-286-ODOR (6367).