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We offer you FREE advice.  Learn how you can best stop a male dog or male dogs, a female dog or female dogs and puppies from urinating, peeing and marking in your house.  House training help for male dogs and male puppies, female dogs and female puppies, too.  Finally, the “pee party” is over!  Simply complete the form below for free help.  At Planet Urine, our goal is to help you and your dog/s live in a Dog Happy Home.  Let our Dog Behaviorists help you; ‘Escape The Planet Urine!’




    We invite you to ask our Dog Behaviorist any question that you have about:

    • Potty training dogs, Potty training a puppy
    • Stop dog urinating in house, Potty train dogs
    • House training dogs, Housebreaking older dogs
    • House training older dogs, Stop male dog marking, etc.

      You will receive personal attention with suggestions and tips for FREE, so please, don’t be shy and ask away!

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    Prove It! Kit™

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    Prove it! Kit™

    You have a right to be leery of products that claim dog urine, cat urine or human urine, vomit & fecal removal.

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    Small Hard Surface Cleaning System II

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    The Small Hard Surface Cleaning System II

    Cleans up to 125 sq. ft.

    Hard Surface Cleaning for Dog Urine, Cat Urine, Human Urine STAINS and ODORS.

    Using the UrineOut Powder™ this is designed for the removal of BOTH urine stains &/or urine odors from hard surfaces such as Hardwood Floors, Tile, Grout, Concrete, Etc.

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