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Urine Out Of Carpet

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Urine Out Of Carpet

Urine, either from a dog or a cat, is an inscrutable substance. It can find its way into just about any surface, and be virtually impossible to eliminate if you do not use the proper removers. Here at Planet Urine, we know a lot about removing urine stains and odors from everything from concrete all the way to a variety of carpeting styles.

The very first step when it comes to removing urine, whether it is from a dog or a cat, is to correctly determine the exact location of the urine spot. Now sometimes this can be an all-too-obvious task, but there are cases where the actual urine stain has faded into the background enough to make it invisible. A good black light can be of great use in locating the exact location of an otherwise invisible urine odor.

Once you have located the urine stain in your carpet, the next step is to replace the vacuum bag in your vacuum cleaner. Once a bag gets dirt in it, its suction abilities become greatly reduced. After you have replaced the bag, pre-vacuum the urine-stained area.

After you have thoroughly vacuumed the soiled area, you need to pre-mist the old dried in stain to loosen it. This will allow the stain to “loosen up” enough for the stain removing UrineOut Powder to do its job. Next you need to apply the stain removing powder to a depth of an eighth to a quarter of an inch over the soiled area. Finally you need to work the UrineOut Powder into the stain using an applicator brush, and then you are ready to vacuum up the UrineOut Powder taking the stain right along with it. If you have any questions about urine removal from carpet or any other surface, our experts at 888-286-ODOR (6367) are more than happy to help you out.

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