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Stop Male Dog Marking Inside House

As with all male dog housetraining methods, there is no one “trick”, per se, for housetraining male dogs and housetraining male puppies.  Especially, once they have begun to start “peeing” or “marking” inside your home.  

We all love our dogs because they are cute, and furry, and loveable. But, when they pee inside, some people think that the dog simply “can’t help it”. This is true of course in emergency situations.  Especially puppies as they have tiny bladders and they just don’t quite understand the rules of the household yet. Your job as a dog or puppy owner is to help them out until they know what they are old enough to handle the responsibility themselves. The best way to communicate to a dog that their behavior is good is through praise.

If you take your dog outside often, chances are he will urinate and eliminate outside. This is your opportunity to let him know that he is doing his “business” in the right spot. You should always have his favorite treats on hand when you take him outside so that as soon as he has eliminated, you can reward him. Pretty soon he will associate positive results with eliminating outside.

The flip side to positive reinforcement is making sure that your dog does not get confused and think that he should eliminate indoors. If he has an accident inside, there is no need to panic and frighten your dog, but at the same time you should take care to clean the accident up so that he cannot smell his urine or feces indoors.

I know how absolutely frustrating it can be to have a male dog urinating like this, but don’t worry, because your problem with him is soon over! Did you happen to read the information about the PU Housetraining Wrapper Belly Bands?  His behavior is EXACTLY what they are designed to prevent.  Hands down, this is the best and quickest way to train a male dog that is acting this way.

The PU Housetraining Wrapper Belly Bands, in-and-of-themselves, will teach him to only do his business outside, period!  Especially with a dog that is going outdoors, and then still doing their business indoors. In addition, when you train a dog to only go #1 outdoors, you’ll simultaneously teach him to go #2 in the same area.  “Where there’s pee, there’s poop” as the saying goes. Click Here for More Information.  Go here to watch a VIDEO to see how to use the Wrappers: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO.

Now, while house training a dog it is CRITICAL that you REMOVE all of the urine and “scents” from the areas he has soiled on.  It’s really simple to do; first, apply the UrineRelease Pre-Spray to the areas, then work a layer of Planet Urine’s UrineOut POWDER into the soiled areas, wait until Powder dries completely, and vacuum it out.  It’s great because this is a DRY POWDER cleaning process, so you don’t make the extra mess by using liquids to clean.

Our Planet Urine UrineOut Powder is specially formulated to act like a million little sponges. It is the exact same powder that our Professional Urine Stain Removers utilize when they go on a large scale stain removal job. Now you can use this powerful stain remover yourself on virtually any sized stain on virtually any surface. If you have any questions or simply want to know more about UrineOut, please call our 24 hour toll-free hotline at 888-286-ODOR (6367) and talk to one of our cat pee specialists.

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Articles – Stop Male Dog Marking Inside, Planet Urine


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Articles – Stop Male Dog Marking Inside, Planet Urine


Articles – Stop Male Dog Marking Inside, Planet Urine


Articles – Stop Male Dog Marking Inside, Planet Urine