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Crate Training A Female Dog or Puppy

Before we start, here are some essential housetraining facts:

  • All dogs do best when kept to a routine schedule.
  • Dogs have to go potty when…
    • they wake up in the morning or after a nap
    • within 1/2 hour after eating
    • before they go to sleep

Now, let’s discuss what to do every single time you take her out for the next 30 days:  First: Take her out to the area you want her to go.  Second: Keep telling her, “Go pee, go pee”, etc., until she goes.  Third: Don’t let her back in the house until she does all her business outside.  You may have to allow her to go two or three time before you let her back inside.

Another option you have with her is crate training. Have you considered that? I’ve always found it easiest to crate train a dog that is having major problems with housebreaking, because the crate training method is focused on preventing accidents instead of waiting for accidents to happen.  The goal is to make it easy for her to do the right thing in the first place.  Crate training in this way is faster and more effective than punishing her for mistakes.

YOU play the most important part in the success or failure of this method, you must be patient, determined and reliable for it to work.  This method works great with puppies to adult dogs.  The crate training method also requires the use of a dog crate or at least, a small, confined area for her to stay in when she can’t be supervised.  A crate isn’t cruel! It’s her own private room where she can rest and stay safe, secure and out of trouble.

First you should choose a crate only large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down.  If the crate is too large, your dog will soil one corner and rest comfortably in another, and you will not have success housebreaking.  Most people buy a crate that is large enough for the adult dog that their puppy will grow into.  For this reason you may have to block off the rear of the crate so it is the correct size for the puppy, which can be done simply by inserting a cardboard box of the right size in the back of the crate.  Many dog prefer the security and privacy of plastic airline crates.  Wire crates are good and they are cooler and you can place a blanket over it if needed.  The crate should be located in a quiet area.  Avoid high traffic areas like kitchens, hallways and doorways.  Put it in your bedroom and they can also be secure in the same room with you at night.  During the day you might want to move it into a corner of the living room.

Also, most of the time a big factor that is causing this behavior (especially a dog that does this after being let out) is because she is smelling the lingering “scents” in the areas she has previously soiled on and it keeps attracting her back. Unfortunately, the “enzyme treatment” methods of cleaning do not REMOVE the urine from deep in the areas.  It’s imperative to remove ALL of the urine from these areas.

Our Planet Urine UrineOut Powder is specially formulated to act like a million little sponges. It is the exact same powder that our Professional Urine Stain Removers utilize when they go on a large scale stain removal job. Now you can use this powerful stain remover yourself on virtually any sized stain on virtually any surface. If you have any questions or simply want to know more about UrineOut, please call our 24 hour toll-free hotline at 888-286-ODOR (6367) and talk to one of our cat pee specialists.

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Articles – Crate Training A Female Dog or Puppy


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Articles – Crate Training A Female Dog or Puppy


Articles – Crate Training A Female Dog or Puppy


Articles – Crate Training A Female Dog or Puppy