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Cats Pooping In The House

When cats behave this way, I know how frustrating it can be!  Let’s first take a look at some simple solutions to help you with this.  Usually when this just randomly starts, it’s because of a medical problem.  So, they won’t go “poop”, or defecate in the litter box.  Sounds to me like you need to have your Veterinarian run tests for a medical colon tract infection.  This can cause pain to a cat when they defecate. Then they associate the pain with the litter box, and avoid using it.  Then they go around finding places where they can ‘poop’ or defecate, without the pain.  It’s a major problem for them.

Overview:  Colitis is an inflammation or irritation of the colon or large intestine and, you guessed it: it commonly causes diarrhea in our furry friends.  Signs:  Colitis can be acute (meaning it comes on suddenly) or chronic (lasting several days to weeks, or recurring). There are several potential causes of colitis.

–  See more at this page, Colitis In Cats


Cats look for the cleanest place they can find to defecate.  If they even smell an odor in their litter box, especially another cat’s, they will go to the opposite end to find a clean area.  It may be a simple matter of just looking for a clean area.  

Did you know that the plastic in a litter box actually absorbs the fecal odors into the plastic?  This can cause a cat to avoid using the litter box.  No matter how hard you try to clean it, you can never remove all of the “scents” that will linger in the litter box.  Cats are very sensitive to this.  It is HIGHLY recommended that you REPLACE the litter box with a BRAND NEW litter box.  Most Vets recommend replacing it every 4 – 6 months.  People we have shared this information with are surprised at how well it has worked to get a cat using the litter box again.

In addition, it is CRITICAL that you use a type of litter specially designed to ATTRACT your cat to the litter box.  You should go read about Dr. Elsey’s new Cat Attract litterClick here to learn more.


Here are some GREAT resources that have helped many a frustrated cat owner.  “How To Get Your Cat Back To The Litter Box”. Click Here.


1) Clean the areas thoroughly using our UrineOut POWDER cleaning process. This allows you to REMOVE the odors.

2) Give the areas an unpleasant smell by spraying them with No-P! Housebreaking Aid. When sprayed on the soiled area, No-P! Housebreaking Aid will eliminate the urine “scent” to prevent repeat defecation in that area.
For more information, click here.

3) Place the CatScram Ultrasonic Housetraining Aid in the areas you want avoided.  FINALLY, A GREAT HOUSETRAINING AID TO HELP STOP CATS FROM SOILING IN UNWANTED ROOMS & AREAS!!  It works great to keep cats off counter tops, & upholstery too.  For more detailed information about CatScram Ultrasonic Housetraining Aid, Click Here.

4) Another possible solution would be to use the PU Disposable Cat Diapers. Have you ever heard of such a thing, diapers for cats? They even have a hole in them for your cats tail to fit through. Also, they use Velcro adjustments so the diapers can be customized for a perfect fit! PU Disposable Cat Diapers – Odor-Resistant and ideal for training!

Simply follow our easy “Experts Tips For Pet Stain & Odor Removal” and you can achieve the same results as our Experts would in removing the fecal stains and/or odors.

Chauncy – The Pet Happy Home Specialists!

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Articles – Cats Pooping In The House, Planet Urine


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Articles – Cats Pooping In The House, Planet Urine


Articles – Cats Pooping In The House, Planet Urine


Articles – Cats Pooping In The House, Planet Urine