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Cat Diapers | Kitty Diapers | Dog Diapers | Pro’s and Con’s

Do pet diapers really work? Will pet diapers stay on? Will my pet like to wear diapers? How do they stop pee and poop?  These are the miriad of questions that we ask ourselves when considering using cat diapers and/or dog diapers.  Even kitty diapers sounds like a weird idea. A kitten wearing diapers? Do I use Disposable Diapers, or cloth diapers?  It could be caused by incontinence, improper litter box training, being in a new environment. But, in fact; Pet diapers really do work! 

It would be nice to let your pet have full roam of the house, but if they are not completely housetrained this can be a real problem.  Pee and poop everywhere in your house.  Especially during medical problems that pets have to go through, diapers would be a real advantage.  Disposable diapers are usually the most common pet diapers used.  Cloth diapers are not as popular for obvious reasons.


Single-use disposable diapers are effective because they’re usually adjustable and can simply be discarded afterwards, no washing needed. As with regular baby diapers, though, the cost can add up.


Cloth diapers are washable, eco-friendly and will be softer on your dog or cat’s bottom, giving him a little more comfort. They will be more difficult to adjust to your pet, and you will need to wash them regularly, which is a pain in the you-know-what. 

So, to sum it up

Most of the benefits of cat diapers and dog diapers are obvious: They keep your dog or cat from making a mess everywhere, saving him peeing in the house and saving you work of cleaning up. They also allow your dog or cat to regain his independence and urinate more frequently and comfortably, preventing him from getting infections.  So, probably the only “con” to pet diapers is for one, some dog and cats are not always cooperative, making placing them in a diaper considerably difficult. For this reason, it’s important to be as calm and gentle as possible when approaching your dog or cat to replace his diaper.

The secret to dealing with dog and cat pee is understanding the nature of proper removal. Adding a liquid remover to the equation does not help anything. You simply cannot “blot out” a deep dog and cat pee stain. What you can do, we’ve discovered, is use a urineout powder stain remover to literally “sponge” up the dog or cat pee crystals.

Our Planet Urine UrineOut Powder is specially formulated to act like a million little sponges. It is the exact same powder that our Professional Urine Stain Removers utilize when they go on a large scale stain removal job. Now you can use this powerful stain remover yourself on virtually any sized stain on virtually any surface. If you have any questions or simply want to know more about UrineOut, please call our 24 hour toll-free hotline at 888-286-ODOR (6367) and talk to one of our pet pee specialists.

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Articles – Cat Diapers | Dog Diapers | Pro’s and Con’s


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Articles – Cat Diapers | Dog Diapers | Pro’s and Con’s


Articles – Cat Diapers | Dog Diapers | Pro’s and Con’s


Articles – Cat Diapers | Dog Diapers | Pro’s and Con’s