Smells No More™ Solid Odor Absorber - Single

Smells No More™ Solid Odor Absorber - Single

Smells No More™ Solid Odor Absorber - Single $12.95


Literally "absorb" the odors from the room!


Smells No-More™ Solid Odor Absorber

This special formula absorbs all sorts of unpleasant odors. Simply remove the lid, lift off the foam seal, replace the lid, flip open the top and odors begin to disappear. It continuously eliminates odors from smoke, pets, cooking, mildew, restrooms and more. Designed to be strategically placed anywhere recurring odors are a problem.

Each 15 oz. container...

  • Eliminates odors in rooms up to 450 sq. ft.
  • Will last approximately 90 days
  • Is non-toxic and safe

For further odor elimination, follow-up as necessary with our full line of non-toxic SMELLS NO-MORE! Odor Eliminator spray products.


See what our customers are saying

I just had to say YOUR PRODUCT REALLY DOES WORK!!!! After spending so much money on the other "miracle" products on the market I was a bit skeptical, to say the least. I used your products and much to my surprise they actually did what is claimed! My house is odor free, my cats have stopped using the carpet as their litter box and my husband has finally stopped complaining about the cats. Your product not only saved my carpet, it very well may have saved my marriage - after all, if it came to him or them....well, I would miss him! I can now have guests drop in without frantically spraying the room to hide the smell. My home is now odor free and I am not worried about unexpected visitors anymore. THANKS!!!!

Lisa, and pets, Tony, Bobby, Gus, Coco, Jezzabelle
Brogue, PA

See what our customers are saying

"I received my order [PU Housetraining Wrappers] in a few days it works like a charm my dog is 13 yrs.old and has sneaked and pee everywhere he possibly can. This is the simplest of concepts but it really works.He even wants me to put it on him now."

Deborah S.
Aberdeen, Maryland

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