Smells No More™ Solid Odor Absorber - 3 Pack Special

Smells No More™ Solid Odor Absorber - 3 Pack Special

Smells No More™ Solid Odor Absorber - 3 Pack Special $29.95


Literally "absorb" the odors from the room!


Smells No-More™ Solid Odor Absorber

This special formula absorbs all sorts of unpleasant odors. Simply remove the lid, lift off the foam seal, replace the lid, flip open the top and odors begin to disappear. It continuously eliminates odors from smoke, pets, cooking, mildew, restrooms and more. Designed to be strategically placed anywhere recurring odors are a problem.

Each 15 oz. container...

  • Eliminates odors in rooms up to 450 sq. ft.
  • Will last approximately 90 days
  • Is non-toxic and safe

For further odor elimination, follow-up as necessary with our full line of non-toxic SMELLS NO-MORE! Odor Eliminator spray products.


See what our customers are saying

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I've been with your product. Wow! I've tried everything in the past and this is by far the best thing I've ever seen. My carpet looks like new again! I will be ordering some more in the next few days. Thank you!!! A very satisfied customer - Sandee

Sandee L.
Spring Hill, Florida

See what our customers are saying

Dear Chauncy, Here is my review. This product is all you say it is and MORE! It is soooo easy to use. We had old urine stains from our dog on our white bedroom carpet. Twice we had professional cleaners come and shampoo our rugs only to find the stains still there when the carpet dried. I never expect better results, especially with an old stain. It took two applications, which is still miraculous given the age of the stains. Saved us thousands on buying new carpeting. My husband still cannot believe it and now holds me in even higher esteem. LOL Some women need jewels, or shoes. I, on the other hand get very excited about products that do what they promise. Yours is one of the very few. Cheers back at you, Helen Laman

Helen L.
Philadlephia, PA

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