Smells No More™ Solid Odor Absorber - 2 Pack

PlanetUrine Smells No More™ Solid Odor Absorber - 2 Pack

PlanetUrine Smells No More™ Solid Odor Absorber - 2 Pack $25.90


Literally "absorb" the odors from the room!


Smells No-More™ Solid Odor Absorber

This special formula absorbs all sorts of unpleasant odors. Simply remove the lid, lift off the foam seal, replace the lid, flip open the top and odors begin to disappear. It continuously eliminates odors from smoke, pets, cooking, mildew, restrooms and more. Designed to be strategically placed anywhere recurring odors are a problem.

Each 15 oz. container...

  • Eliminates odors in rooms up to 450 sq. ft.
  • Will last approximately 90 days
  • Is non-toxic and safe

For further odor elimination, follow-up as necessary with our full line of non-toxic SMELLS NO-MORE! Odor Eliminator spray products.


See what our customers are saying

Planet Urine, Thank you so much for recommending the new Cat Attract Litter...My cat, Nemo, was so interested in it that he actually slept in the new litter when I filled the new box! I had a hard time getting him out of it! He was definitely attracted to it. One of the other benefits is that when I scooped the box for the first time, it was so easy. It clumps wonderfully and there is absolutely no odor! I would like to re-order another bag, and will never purchase "Generic" litter again! Thank you for helping me escape the "Planet Urine"!

Cherie' & Nemo B.
Warsaw Missouri

See what our customers are saying

To: Subject: Re: It's No Secret - Pet Stain & Odor Removal Made Easy! I just wanted to say thank you - thank you - thank you! I used your system on my bedroom and hallway carpeting that had been badly stained with puppy urine (and cleaned every three months by a professional carpet cleaning service) but the stains would always reappear in a matter of a couple of weeks. Not so with your product. I am so pleased and so happy with your dry powder system. Also, I am using the "wrapper" on my male dog that was doing the staining. This is the second week and for the past two days I have left the wrap off and he now asks to go outside to do his business. He is three years old but I do believe this is going to work for us. Sincerely, thank you again for your help. Doris

Doris C.
Mesa, Arizona

We Are The Pet Urine Experts In Removing Pet Stains And odors


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