PU Disposable Pet Diapers - XX-Large - 10/ea. pack

PlanetUrine PU Disposable Pet Diapers - XX-Large - 10/ea. pack

PlanetUrine PU Disposable Pet Diapers - XX-Large - 10/ea. pack $17.95


Let your kitty, cat, puppy or dog roam around the house again!


PU Disposable Pet Diapers - odor-resistant and ideal for training!
- Elastic gathers protect against leakage
- Non-sticky, adjustable fasteners. Won't pull hair.
- Anti-Bacillus Polymer virtually eliminates odor
- Comfortable, patented tail hole
- Specifically designed & shaped for use on a variety of pets.

- Bed, Couch, Carpets, Wooden Floors
- Pet Training - Pets in Season
- Incontinent, injured, or elderly Pets
- Post Surgery - Vet's Office
- All Day Protection / All Night Protection

An added benefit to using our pet diaper is the super absorbency. The non-sticky tape is innovative and unique. It makes re-applying the diaper very easy even on hairy pets, small pets, medium size pets or large pets. One of the major complaints of pet owners and veterinarians who are using diapers currently is the fact that applying the tape on baby diapers is extremely difficult due to the amount of hair. With the magic-tape, hair will not impede the connection and again re-application of the product is very easy.

Sizing Information (approximate):
Diaper Size Pet Waist Pet Weight Price
X-Small 9 - 18 in. < 5 lbs. $13.95 for
10 diapers
Small 15 - 20 in. 4 - 11 lbs. $14.95 for
10 diapers
Medium 18 - 23 in. 9 - 15 lbs. $15.95 for
10 diapers
Large 21 - 26 in. 13 - 23 lbs. $16.95 for
10 diapers
X-Large 23 - 29 in. 24 - 45 lbs. $17.95 for
10 diapers
**Remember: Male pets need extra room!
Sizing information approximate: Diaper sizes vary dramatically from breed to breed. Kittens can use a size down.

+++These Diapers are Non-Refundable+++
Dog PU Dog Disposable Pet Diapers
Dog PU Dog Disposable Pet Diapers
Dog PU Dog Disposable Pet Diapers
Dog PU Dog Disposable Pet Diapers
Dog PU Dog Disposable Pet Diapers


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Comments: Found your site and read the testimonials, could this stuff really work that well?? I just had to write. I adopted a senior dog and he has had a few accidents in the adjustment phase. Bought the prove it kit and was shocked at how good this works. It removed all the new accident marks. I then went around and tried it on 2 old stains left over from my last dog that had passed away. These stains had been "cleaned" by a professional steam cleaning carpet service. They always look like they're gone but then after the rug dries they magically re-appear. These stains are now completely gone. I never would have believed the old stains could be removed. I couldn't be happier and am now looking for more stains that I may have missed with the blacklight. This stuff is amazing. Thank You. Thank You.

M.E. Lehn
Westport, Connecticut

See what our customers are saying

Where have you been all my life !!?? After using several products "Claiming" to get dog urine stains out of hardwood floors along with the smell associated with said stains, I FINALLY found a product that works as stated! My old dog Roz recently began having seizures and loosing control of his bladder. I though my beautiful hardwood floors were ruined. This product is HEAVEN SENT! IT WORKS GREAT !!! May hardwood floors have been saved! Yea!!! Many Thanks.

Paul Paulson
Boulder, Colorado

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