Miss Bibbs Gourmet Dog Biscuits - Apple

Miss Bibbs Gourmet Dog Biscuits - Apple

Miss Bibbs Gourmet Dog Biscuits - Apple $4.95


Need a Great Training Aid?


Miss Bibbs Gourmet Treats are 100% Pet Approved.

Miss Bibbs Gourmet Dog Biscuits Miss Bibbs Gourmet Dog Biscuits
Miss Bibbs Gourmet Dog Biscuits - Apple Treats Miss Bibbs Gourmet Dog Biscuits - Cheese Treats

Miss Bibbs Cheese and Apple flavored gourmet treats are Crunchy, Delicious, And Veterinarian Approved. Handmade in the U.S.A. The is nothing better to spoil your best friend with.

Miss Bibbs Gourmet Dog Biscuits - Ingredients

These ALL NATURAL, Low Fat, Low Calorie gourmet treats are all Organic, made with Love, Apples/Parmesan Cheese, Rye & Barley Flours, Cinnamon/Parsley, Egg and Vitamin C.

Miss Bibbs Gourmet Treats contain NO Corn, Soy or Wheat. These delicious treats have no artificial colors or chemical preservatives. Keep your pet on the right track with these effective training aids!


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Hi - my name is Sue Wells. I recently placed an order for your products, with the hope of (truly) cleaning several of the rooms where I keep rescued foster cats & kittens while they are awaiting adoption. Like so many people, I feel like I've tried every solution available to get rid of the stains and smell, without much luck. I'm so excited about the UrineOut Powder! (I'm thrilled with how well it has cleaned the bad stains on my carpeting!) I'd love to sell your products - it would be wonderful to show people a product that truly works, solving a problem that really frustrates families who otherwise dearly love their pets! I don't have a physical store, but have successfully sold products online for over 10 years. I'm currently working on a website devoted to animal adoption and animal welfare issues in our area, and your products would be a wonderful addition to it. (I'd also like to help one of my local rescue groups sell the "Prove It!" Kits as a fundraiser for them, if your company would allow that. They spend a lot of time answering pet urination questions at their adoption events. It would be wonderful to show people a product that actually removes the smell, since 'getting rid of the evidence' seems to be the biggest problem everyone has.) Thank You for your consideration; please let me know what questions I can answer, or what I need to do to be accepted into your Retail program! Best regards, Sue Wells

Sue Wells
Crystal Lake, IL (suburb of Chicago)

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Dear Chauncy, I did receive your tips and I appreciate them. I took Tiffany to the vet and he is treating her for a urinary infection. Her behavior has turned around and she is now consistently using the litter box. I bet she is feeling better!! Thank you for your tips. Diane & Tiffany

Diane & Tiffany The Cat
Seattle, Washington

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