Applicator Brush w/Extension Handle

Applicator Brush w/Extension Handle

Applicator Brush w/Extension Handle $12.35


Don't clean on your hands and knees! Planet Urine's Applicator Brush w/Extension Handle has threaded ends for easy attachment and storage. Extends up to 40" for varying heights. Use the Applicator Brush w/Extension Handle to work in the UrineOut Powder and increase its effectiveness.



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Subject: LOVE IT Your Planet Urine Order Hi! I received my order a few weeks ago, and I followed the directions to the letter. I'm thrilled with the results! I had to use a second application, on one small area of the original urine spot, and now - all stain and smell is completely gone! I admit, I was doubtful that the product would work as well as it was described - but I'm so glad I gave it a try. The carpet looks brand new, and even with my nose stuck down into the fibers, I can't smell anything but carpet. Incredible! I've recommended your products to a friend who has kittens with pee-problems, and to two dog rescue organizations. I hope they will share my success using your products with foster families and rescue dog adopters. Keep up the great work! Laura

Laura Sutherland
Brewster, Massachusetts

See what our customers are saying

"I would like to order two (2) of the "URINEOUT POWDER" Carpet Dry Cleaner. Please ship to the same address as our previous order. If you have any questions feel free to give me a call. Thanks--your product is wonderful !!! You are more than welcome to use my comments about your product--- I think it is great -- my new puppy and I get along a lot better knowing I have it around...thanks again and I'm doing ok on the pre-spray at this time."

Denise H.
Parker, Colorado

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This essential tool is used to work the UrineRelease Pre-Spray into the surface you are cleaning, releasing old dry urine. Use the Applicator Brush to work in the UrineOut Powder and increase its effectiveness.

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