Tell your pet to "STAY AWAY" from the area/s you've cleaned, even when you're not home.

This housebreaking spray helps potty train your pet (be it dog, cat, or other) so that they are less inclined to pee in areas you've treated.

After cleaning the pet-soiled area, No-P TM Housebreaking Aid is sprayed onto the spot to eliminate the urine scent. This, in turn, eliminates the pet's desire to re-urinate in that area. No-PTM Housebreaking Aid has a fresh, clean scent and is odorless after it dries.

As is the case with all of Planet Urine products, no harmful or harsh chemicals are used in this product.

DISCOURAGE URINATING IN THE SAME AREA. Clean the areas thoroughly using Planet Urine's UrineOut Powder DRY cleaning process. Make the carpet or soiled surfaces less attractive by covering them with double-sided sticky tape, plastic, or a vinyl carpet runner with the point side up. Give the areas an unpleasant smell by spraying the plastic, or vinyl carpet runner with No-PTM Housebreaking Aid. When sprayed on the soiled area, No-PTM Housebreaking Aid will eliminate the urine scent so your pet will not re-urinate in that area.

Warning: If you are cleaning CARPET or UPHOLSTERY, do not use this until AFTER you have used Planet Urine's UrineOutTM Powder to REMOVE the urine and stains in carpet & upholstery. Learn more about UrineOutTM Powder.

No-P™ Housebreaking Aid - 16 oz. Bottle

No-P™ Housebreaking Aid - 16 oz. Bottle $14.95


An Effective Deterrent to Keep Your Pet from Re-urinating in the Area/s You've Cleaned.



See what our customers are saying

OK, I've never written a testimonial for a product that gets urine smell out because I never found one that worked until yours! I've got a 17 year old cat who decided to start using the carpet a couple of years ago. She also kept using the litterbox so it was very frustrating. You name the pet store product and I've tried it to get the smell out. Some hid it or masked it briefly but nothing made it disappear. Repeated treatments did not work. I even bought an expensive carpet cleaner and was using it several times a week. Then I tried your Ultimate II Cleaning System. I used it more than once and relocated the cat to the screened pool area. I didn't have much in the way of stains since I'd been shampooing so often. It was the smell I couldn't get rid of. YOUR STUFF WORKED!!! I wish I'd found it long ago! There is now ZERO urine smell which I thought would never happen. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Howard T.
Land O Lakes, Florida

See what our customers are saying

I received your product last week and used it over the weekend. At first when I read the directions I thought oh my this is going to be a lot of work but out of necessity and desperation I was willing to do anything. I must say I was very skeptical but WOW, WOW, WOW. This stuff really works and works better than I ever imagined. I am so happy I could scream from my rooftop and I intend to solicit all of the pet stores in this area to carry your product. Everyone who owns a pet has to have this product. This is just great. I can't even begin to describe how ecstatic I am. What a concept -- to sell a product that really works - and after trying all the liquid enzymes that DO NOT WORK, this is a godsend. Thank you, thank you, thank you. P. S. I have 4 cats. Only one of them is the real culprit but his behavior started after I brought in another male and I presume it is a territorial/behavioral problem. I was really suffering from stress wondering how I was going to deal with the problem and now with your product, I don't feel the same stress. I have had to resort to putting my cat on some medicine for a while to hopefully change his behavior but in the meantime, I am not dealing with a urine smell in my home, which is totally unacceptable. Thank you again for a superb product.

Maria P. and pets,Teddi, Andy, Boonie, Rosemary
Los Angeles, CA

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An Effective Deterrent to Keep Your Pet from Re-urinating in the Area/s You've Cleaned.

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