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PlanetUrine The Godzilla Buster w/FREE Blacklight / Cleans up to 900 SQ FT

PlanetUrine The Godzilla Buster w/FREE Blacklight / Cleans up to 900 SQ FT
Only $159.95 w/FREE BLACKLIGHT

FREE BLACKLIGHT / Cleans up to 900 sq. ft

Do you feel like a MONSTER has been peeing in your home? This kit is "Godzilla" sized to help you clean several rooms (a whole house, up to 900 sq. ft.!). Cleans old dry; dog urine, cat urine, human urine stains and odors. NOW YOU'RE ARMED FOR BATTLE!

For Heavy Stains & Heavy Odors



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So happy to bring smiles to your office! I was in customer service for 20 years. When I first ordered this product last month, I was able to get most of my questions answered immediately with the chat line. That was my first good impression. Following up with questions about the product as I was trying it was my second. It took several applications for your product to work since our stains were old. If I had not been able to discuss this with someone on the chat line, I would have surely returned the product. It was explained to me, I tried it until it finally took the odor out!!!! Great product, but most importantly, being able to "chat" and get immediate answers was key in making me a lifelong customer who will be happy to share my experience with ALL of my friends, co workers and family!!!

Tish Pelly
Wilmington, Delaware

See what our customers are saying

The CATSCRAM I ordered from your company was delivered to me last Friday and I immediately took it out of the box and began using it. In my case, it only took a few seconds and my cat has not wandered into the unwanted area since then. Thank heavens for all your products. No more duct taping plastic bags to walls, doors, and plastic runners.

Valerie W.
El Segundo, CA

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We have over 20 years of experience in removing cat urine and dog urine from carpets, hardwoor floors, tile, rugs, upholstery and furniture. Our products eliminate dog urine, cat urine odor, and remove all urine stains and stains smells, so your house will smell fresh and clean.

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