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Prove It Kit™ - Pet Urine Odor Eliminator for Spot Cleaning

Prove It Kit™ - Pet Urine Odor Eliminator for Spot Cleaning $23.95

Spot cleaning of small stains & light odors

You have a right to be leery of products that claim urine removal. Give the Prove It! Kit™ a chance to do what it's named for.



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Comments: Our veterinarian recommended your system as being the most effective treatment method she knew about to clean hardwood floors....

Charles Saunders
Reston, Virginia

See what our customers are saying

I wasn't sure where to send a testimonial. I have tried for years to get urine smell out of my carpet. Even had the pad and carpet replaced in areas, costing thousands of dollars. My cat recently died of stomach cancer, and this probably was why he would go on the carpet. We didn't realize that he was sick until the very end. Your line of products are amazing. I have two other cats now, one is a new kitten, and have had no problems since our cat passed away. The carpet smells clean and no repeat odors after using the products. This past week, my daughter had the stomach flu and got sick in our car. The smell was so bad, and I wasn't sure how I would ever get it out of my car. I decided to try your products on the car, and the smell is gone. After trying many other over the counter products and odor eliminator sprays, nothing compared to your products. I will be recommending you to all of my friends and family! I'm so glad I found your products!

Cara B.
Monument, Colorado

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We have over 20 years of experience in removing cat urine and dog urine from carpets, hardwoor floors, tile, rugs, upholstery and furniture. Our products eliminate dog urine, cat urine odor, and remove all urine stains and stains smells, so your house will smell fresh and clean.

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