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Urine Removal

Much of the difficulty of urine removal is following the proper steps exactly. This is not the time to cut corners on procedure. Here at Planet Urine we are quite aware of the various difficulties involved in urine removal, and we are here to help you out. If you allow us, we will do our best to help you resolve your urine stain situation and even try to help you make sure there is not a repeat occurrence.

Why Liquid Enzyme "Miracle" Cleaning Products Don't Work for Pet Urine Stains and Odors

The first big mistake that most pet owners make when attempting to remove urine from a surface is that they try to douse the urine with a liquid cleaner and then "blot out" the stain. What you are essentially doing with this procedure is re-liquefying the urine and then pushing it further into the surface. In order to effectively remove the stain, you have to alter your approach.

Here at Planet Urine we feel that in order to remove a urine stain, you have to understand a little about the nature of the stain. Urine, especially cat urine, is a stubbornly odoriferous substance, and even if diluted through improper stain removal, it will still continue to exert its power. In order to really get rid of urine, you need to soak it up and remove it thoroughly from the surface.

That is why our professional stain removers use a product called UrineOut Powder. UrineOut Powder is a dry powder urine remover that contains microscopic "sponges" designed to soak up urine crystals. Once the Powder has thoroughly soaked up the urine, you can simply vacuum up the UrineOut Powder and the stain will be gone. Our urine experts are standing by just in case you have any questions or concerns: 888-286-ODOR (6367).