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The ONLY way to completely clean the area is to use a DRY POWDER cleaning process - a process that "sponges" it up and ABSORBS it, thereby removing the source of the dog urine stains and the smell from your carpet... PERMANENTLY!
You have a right to be leery of products that claim urine removal. Give the Prove It! Kit™ a chance to do what it's named for.
The right solution foir basic spot cleaning of small stains & light odors.
Specifically Formulated for Permanent Removal of Dog Urine, Vomit or Feces Stains and Odors
ABSORB the source of the dog stains and odors and simply vacuum them out, FINALLY removing all the dog urine, vomit or feces stains, smells & odors COMPLETELY!

Liquid Only Dilutes and Spreads the Dog Urine!
Any liquid based cleaning solution (including steam cleaning) doesn't work because you will never be able to "blot" or wash all of that wet liquid mess out of your carpet.

You still have dog urine stains and smell because they are deep down in the fibers, pores of the surfaces! Liquid products cannot absorb and extract the dog urine stains and smell and only mask the smell for a short time. Eventually the dog urine stains and smell returns!

"We had a very bad urine smell in our house from our very large dog. We tried to get it out with a lot of wet products. They would mask the smell for a while, but we couldn't get rid of it. Finally, we called PLANET URINE Carpet Dry Cleaning, they came in and did an excellent job. Carpet looks like it's brand new, and we're very pleased."
Get Two Dollars Off The Prove It Kit

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