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Cat Attract™ Herbal Attractant Litter
The new scoopable litter that provides a solution for cat owners whose cats do not use their litter box!

No-P™ Housebreaking Aid
Eliminates urine and feces scent so your cat will not re-urinate or re-defecate in same area after cleaning!

Odor Detector Blacklight
Shows where to apply Planet Urine Cleaning Products to eliminate odors.

CatScram™ Ultrasonic Housetraining Aid
STOP cats from sneaking off (and doing you-know-what) in unwanted rooms and areas!

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Pet Training

Would you like to finally SOLVE your loving pet's behavior problems?

Solving Cat Urination Problems
Housetraining Puppy
Housetraining Dog


Are you at your wits-end as to what you can do?

At PLANET URINE - The Pet Happy Home Specialists, we've put together a panel of highly specialized animal behaviorists to HELP YOU understand and STOP your pet's behavioral problems in your home. Our Pet Behavior Specialists are available to help you FREE OF CHARGE with any of your pet behavior problems.

All YOU have to do is ASK

You will then be able to work personally with an Animal Behavior Specialist. FREE One-On-One expert consultation will help you through your pet's training or re-training period.

We want to be sure that your pet remains a loving, and most importantly, a lifelong member of your family.