How to Remove Old/Dry Dog, Cat or Human Urine Stains and Odors

Here are the steps that our Pet Stain Removal Specialists use for removing old/dry dog, cat or human urine stains and odors.


Step 1: Locate the areas where visible stains or odors are noticeable. If you can't see any stains, but you can smell an odor, then you need to use a Planet Urine Odor Detector Blacklight to locate these areas.

Step 2: Put a NEW bag in your vacuum cleaner. This is critical as it will provide better suction power!

Step 3: Thoroughly pre-vacuum soiled areas BEFORE applying Planet Urine's UrineOut™ Powder. NOTE: if you have a vacuum with a hose attachment, use it.

Step 4: Pre-mist the soiled areas with Planet Urine's Soil Release Pre-Mist provided in your Do-It-Yourself Pet Stain and Odor Removal System. Do not saturate the areas! Using the Applicator Brush provided in the system, thoroughly work the Soil Release Pre-Mist into the stained area. This helps to release stubborn old/dry urine stains.

Step 5: Apply 1/8 to 1/4 inch layer of UrineOut™ Powder over the soiled area.

Step 6: Using the Applicator Brush, firmly work the UrineOut™ Powder completely into the soiled area. Work the powder DEEP into the area. Allow the powder to stay in the carpet until it is thoroughly dry.

Step 7: Thoroughly vacuum the UrineOut™ Powder out of the area. At this point the powder is now holding the urine and odors.

Specifically Formulated for PERMANENT Removal of Old Dried-In Urine, Vomit or Feces Stains and Odors. UrineOut™ Powder Gets It Out!

Would you like to stop male dog urinating in your house? PU Housetraining Wrappers™ Belly Band is specially designed to stay on your dog. FREE step-by-step Training Manual included. Veterinarian Recommended and Approved! (Actual Wrappers are neutral tan in color and resemble an "Ace Bandage")

Finally, a safe and effective aid to keep cat off counter, keep cat off furniture, keep cats out of a room, keep cats off table or bed. Repel cats from unwanted areas, Guaranteed Results!

Planet Urine's Urine Odor Detector Blacklight helps you locate INVISIBLE sources of urine odors in carpets, hardwood floors, tile, upholstery and other surfaces when no urine stains are visible.

Cat Attract™…the problem cat and kitten training litter. The new scoopable litter that provides a solution for cat owners whose cats do not use their litter box!

With the acclaimed training DVD included, learn to teach your dog to tell you when she wants to go outside!

Deter dogs from consuming their own stools or other dogs' stools!

Eliminates urine scent so your pet will not re-urinate in same area after cleaning! Smells No More™ is the first and only non-scented, stockyard strength deodorizing spray safe enough for everyday use in house training pets, litter box odors, soiled fabrics, etc.

This essential tool is used to work the UrineRelease Pre-Spray into the surface you are cleaning, releasing old dry urine. Use the Applicator Brush to work in the UrineOut Powder and increase its effectiveness.

Don't clean on your hands and knees! Planet Urine's Applicator Brush w/Extension Handle has threaded ends for easy attachment and storage. Extends up to 40" for varying heights. Use the Applicator Brush w/Extension Handle to work in the UrineOut Powder and increase its effectiveness.

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