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Natures Miracle

Most dog and cat owners know well that there are a number of products on the market that claim to work 'miracles' in terms of removing pet urine odors and stains. One such product is called Nature's Miracle. Like many of these so-called 'miracle' stain removers though, Nature's Miracle is a liquid based urine remover. At Planet Urine, we think this poses a problem.

How To Clean Pet Urine

Cleaning up pet urine should not be considered one of the great mysteries of the modern age. Many of us have had to do urine cleanup work, but few of us have been completely successful. Fortunately the problem with standard pet urine cleanup is not so much about procedure as it is about the tools.

House Training Dogs

The truth is that there really is no 'trick' per se to house training a dog. Dogs inherently want to please and be our 'buddies' and if you are consistent in your training, they will generally respond with consistently good behavior. With puppies the biggest ingredient to housebreaking success is good old fashioned patience.

Dog Pee

If you have any experience with dogs at all, then chances are you have had to clean up your fair share of dog pee. Simply put, accidents happen, and while they may be our best friends, dogs are just prone to urinating indoors at least sometime in their lives. There is no reason to fret about dog pee, however, if you make sure you are consistent with your dog pal and diligent about the cleanup process.

Dog Housebreaking

For puppy owners and those who are planning on making a puppy addition to their family, learning how to properly housebreak a puppy is of vital importance. Fortunately, if you are patient and above all consistent, housebreaking your puppy or dog should not be too difficult of a process. Let's take a look at some of the basic steps.

Cleaning Cat Urine

In theory at least, cleaning up cat urine should be a fairly simple task. As we all know, however, what is true in theory is not always true in practice. The typical scenario for a cat urine cleanup operation goes something like the following: you try to 'wash out' the cat urine with a soap or liquid pet stain remover, you let the area dry, and the stain reappears a couple of weeks later along with the odor.

Cat Urine Smells and Stains Eliminated Once and For All

The smell of cat urine can be extremely potent and fill an entire house. We have helpful tips and products to remove odor and pet stains, and prevent future accidents!

Cat Urine Remover

For those who have a cat urine 'situation' finding a cat urine remover that actually works is of prime importance. Any cursory search on the Internet will bring up a plethora of supposed cat urine removers. There are even carpet cleaning companies that offer to 'steam clean' cat urine stains in order to remove them.

Blacklight To Find Cat Urine

Cat urine can be a difficult and unwieldy opponent especially if you are not properly outfitted for battle. You can smell it everywhere, but it can ultimately be difficult to actually pinpoint just exactly where the cat urine stain is. In other words, you need to find the stain in order to eliminate it, and here at Planet Urine we have a great tool to help you do just that.

Cat Urine Odor

In the world of cat urine there are two major offenses that you have to deal with. First there is the stain. The second, and perhaps more troublesome offense is the actual odor of the feline urine. Cat urine is phenomenally odoriferous and as persistent as the cats themselves. Finding a way to get rid of the cat urine odor is foremost on the top of many cat owners' lists of dreams.

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