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It is important to provide a litterbox which meets your new kitten's or cat's needs. The suggestions in the following article can help you get started.

4 Easy Steps to Remove Urine Permanently

Would you like to remove urine smell on carpet, remove urine stains on carpet, or get urine smell out of carpet?

If you've tried using liquid enzyme "miracle" cleaning products to remove urine from carpet, remove urine odor in carpet, or urine smell removal from carpet and urine stains on carpet, then you'll relate to this scenario

Why Do Cats Knead and/or Drool When Cuddling Up?

Would you like to finally SOLVE your loving cat or kitten's urination behavior problems?

Are you at your wits-end as to what you can do?

Urine Out Of Concrete

Concrete is designed to be a permanent building material. Unfortunately, when something stains concrete, the stain too can seem to be permanent. If you have concrete surfaces that have urine stains, you should know that there is a way to get them out. Here at Planet Urine we are stain-fighting professionals, and we can help you get a urine stain out of virtually any surface, including concrete.

Urine Out Of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is meant to a stain resistant, easy-to-clean alternative to other floorings. It has a warmth that ceramic tiles simply do not possess, and it can serve as a focal point for an interior design scheme. It is therefore extremely unfortunate when a beautiful hardwood floor suffers from hard-to-clean urine stains.

Urine Removal

Much of the difficulty of urine removal is following the proper steps exactly. This is not the time to cut corners on procedure. Here at Planet Urine we are quite aware of the various difficulties involved in urine removal, and we are here to help you out. If you allow us, we will do our best to help you resolve your urine stain situation and even try to help you make sure there is not a repeat occurrence.

Urine Out Of Carpet

Urine, either from a dog or a cat, is an inscrutable substance. It can find its way into just about any surface, and be virtually impossible to eliminate if you do not use the proper removers. Here at Planet Urine, we know a lot about removing urine stains and odors from everything from concrete all the way to a variety of carpeting styles.

Remove Cat Urine

If you have had any experience with cats then you have surely had to face the age-old quandary of having to remove cat urine. Most cats are loath to urinate anywhere other than their litter box, but cats will on occasion spray. Some cats will urinate on plastic bags that are left on the ground, or they might simply urinate outside their litter box if they disapprove of a new kitty litter.

Pet Urine Tips To Help Your Home Stay Clean and Fresh

Pet urine is invasive and can seep into many layers of flooring. With our pet urine tips and products, you will be able to remove stains and odors with ease.

Pet Odor Removal

We take pet odor removal very seriously here at Planet Urine. We know well how frustrating and heartbreaking it can be to have a pet that insists on urinating indoors. These situations can quickly get out of hand, and we would hate for anyone to have to think about parting with their beloved pet because of a urination problem.

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